Saturday, April 12, 2008

I love feather pillows

I hate the foam pillows that spring rudely back to their original shape as soon as you move. So I like to find feather pillows. My wife bought the last pillow. NOTHING but feathers. But there's a catch. The feathers in this pillow have that needle sharp point to them. That means about a dozen at a time on either side are coming through the cloth to attack me.

I've been suffering with this pillow for about four months.

Why do I even still have the pillow you ask?

Because yanking the feathers out of the pillow by the sharp ends is actually kinda entertaining. I pulled out about 30 just now.

...You have issues. Major sadistical issues.

Volumes even.
ya think?
Uh excuse me, I'm Indian.

We don't think, we know.
My cousin does the exact same thing! She use to carry a feather pillow around when she was a kid, as if it was a stuffed animal.
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