Thursday, April 10, 2008

Butchart Gardens. Yipeeee!

So we hopped the ferry over to Vancouver Island because mom wanted to go to Butchart Gardens. Now I had always heard that the gardens were nice and that they had something growing for each season. I learned that right now the gardens are in their dormant season. I paid $25 to see plants playing dead.

It was gray and it was cold and the sunken garden was cool but I expected more from all the hype I hear. Of course, I must remember where that gardens are. They're in a cold region of the planet.

Then I took this picture because I was invited to join a Flickr group called "not my photo op" and you see the idea of the group here. But when I tried to upload this photo to the group it was rejected.


Because my Flickr account is set on "moderate", not "safe". That means that even though I have no nudity in my photo stream, I am allowed to see nudity in OTHER photo streams So I'm moderate.

Not safe.


I was a bit peeved that it cost me $25 when all the flowers in full bloom. But that might be because it caused a bit of an allergic reaction and my eyes were teary during my trip there.
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