Thursday, April 03, 2008

Apple everyday keeps the relationships away

So I'm stoked because I'm at a mall with an Apple store. I have my iPod touch and for some reason (I actually know the reason but it takes too long to explain) I have not been able to install the software upgrade that I will never use but I want it anyway and it's only $20. So the Apple store is the perfect place for me to go, hand over the iPod, the $$, and walk out with a happy happy IPod touch.


Show him what he COULDA won Vanna!

After consulting the "genius" (yes, there's a guy called "the genius" in Apple stores) it is determined that if I have the iPod upgraded at the store it won't have a "backup". That means if my iPod crapped out and I had to use the recovery mode. I would have to buy the upgrade again.

That's where I have the problem with this so called "genius". The nongenius drone helping me, plugged my iPod into one of the store computers and it popped up like it does on my laptop. Name, serial number, and how full it is. See? The "mother ship" recognizes my iPod. So why wouldn't it recognize my iPod if I had to put it in recovery mode and say, "I remember that iPod, I blessed it with a holy upgrade and now it seems to have lost it. But since I, the mother ship remember upgrading it, and I'm all powerful, I shall bestow the upgrade again!"


I was totally intimidated in that store. It was like I was standing there in my underwear. But you know what? As the day went on and I passed by the store a couple of times, I looked at the employees with their earplugs like they were working the drive thru at Mickey D's. One guy even had a KILT on. These guys and gals may have been extremely computer literate but they also looked like they would have been just as at home at a Star Trek convention.

Bitter? Not I

I got my revenge though. I tossed the $20 at the cute red head in the BOSE store. I even added $380 to it and walked out with a new pair of noise eliminator headphones AND earphones for my iPod. The Apple earphones that came with my iPod? They're in the median of I-5 just north of Seattle.

Take THAT genius!


NOTE: The BOSE headphones are $300 but TRUST ME! They are worth every cent. They are amazing. OH, and I plugged my iPod into one of the BOSE players so Maggie could hear it. Guess what she wants, and will get, for Mother's Day.

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