Thursday, April 03, 2008

and I have two new pairs of shoes?

or should it be two PAIR of shoes?

I dunno. I know we spent some money yesterday and my wife feels a little guilty but I made her go back and get that other dress that goes with the jacket because she looks good in it. Lunch at PF Chengs and dinner at The Outback.

We tossed some money around and that's okay because it was my version of a couple of bourbons which I deserve but my religion forbids and it makes my wife cry so she feels a little guilty about spending a grand but I have no hangover.

Mom gets in today just before my son and I pick up the rental car and things will start to move at a speed where it seems they are just a tad outta focus.

A pair of Ecco casual brown shoes. I've wanted some Eccos for a while now. And a pair of black Merrell slip-ons just like the brown pair I have because I am after all is said and done,


I love shoes.
and clothes.
and purses too.

It's a disease.
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