Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Scott and Ilsen

Scott and Ilsen, originally uploaded by Dan Lilly.

Mr and Mrs Daniel Lilly are pleased to announce that their daughter


is marrying Scott Arcondous

son of Mr and Mrs Phillip Arcondous.

Sometime in April.

We are very happy as are they. Now we are scurrying around coordinating everything.

Worst pic eva!

Love you, Dad
tell them congrats!

p.s. ilsen is the best name ever!
Hey, congrats Dan (& Mrs. Dan). What a great looking couple...ah, to be young.

All the best to Scott & Ilsen.
Oh man! Everyone is getting married!!!!

Congrats though! :-)
Go Team!
Yay! Congrats :D
Awesome! Congratulations!
crazy! i love it when people get engaged they just get married right away, best way to do it!
You mean the women are scurring around and you're just along for the ride.
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