Sunday, March 16, 2008

Movie review time

3:10 To Yuma:

Hey, let's make a western! Let's get Russell Crowe. That's where the good ideas end. Dumb movie. Cliche'. Good guy owes money to a guy who wants to run good guy off his land for the railroad. Bad guy has a gang of killers who are about as stupid as it gets. Big shoot'em up scene. Good guy dies but wins back respect of son. You're led to believe that the bad guy will get away.

No I didn't just ruin it for you. I just saved you some time and money.

Two fistfulls of popcorn.


Soldiers in Iraq doing what we know they've done. The latest in "clip" movies. (Traffic, Crash) This one sucked though.

Empty hand.

Lust, Caution:

Intrigue in Japanese occupied Shanghai. Directed by Ang Lee and in Chinese with subtitles. THIS was a very good movie. Adults only as the sex scenes are as graphic as it gets without being porn. Resistance movement plots the assassination of the head of the secret police. Great acting. Great characters.

Four and one half fistfulls of popcorn.

Horton Hears a Who, thoughts.
Pete Townsend buys donuts in Hamilton?
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