Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Easter and the kids ate all my chocolates

So I have nothing to go with this coke I'm drinking.

I woke up at three and my system wasn't showing me any love so I banged in sick. That's our slang. We don't call in sick, we bang in. I thinks it sounds cool. March Madness and Midway on TV. The wife, one daughter, and the babies are at church. The other daughter is at work and my son is going into work on his day off. He works at a restaurant and wants to be a chef.

I like TV. Last night Charleton Heston was the deliverer of the Jews out of Egypt and now he's dive bombing Japanese aircraft carriers. The man who got the ten commandments just slammed his plane into the flight deck. Burning bush to burning wreckage.

Ah modern technology

Happy Easter. I am back in blog land. Oh how I have missed it.
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