Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I walked across the street from the lawyer's office to a local eatery.

A trendy place with raw wood beams and brick walls. We were seated next to some type of water valve apparatus. $300 frames and $100 haircuts at the table next to us. Two waitresses, one with short straight red hair and the other with long straight blonde hair in a pony tail cruise our end of the restaurant. They had perfectly sized black tees on with expensive bras that shaped their breasts perfectly without showing any lines.

The food was really good.

The service could have been a tad better.

Our table was the only one in the place where a cell phone the size of a calculator was not held up to an ear at least once.

To those of you who are not in Vancouver this means very little.

Anybody in the Vancouver area has already asked themselves, "I wonder what Dan was doing in Yaletown"?

You've been busy lately and though I'm not surprised that your travels have found you there recently, I am curious as to why...
Sometimes I just raise my head, see which direction I'm pointed in, and move.
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