Friday, March 07, 2008

Good morning I need a Coke

On my back in bed with laptop and iPod about to get up and hit the shower.

Maybe after this song.

Maybe after this post.

Spring training baseball games are going on back home. The Cleveland Indians when I was a boy and my dad taking me to see Willie Mays play and sitting in the left field bleachers hoping for foul balls. Then the Indians left town and were replaced by the Rockies. The Toros in the summer. AAA ball but then the Toros left and were replaced by the Sidewinders who have announced that they are leaving as people who never went to any games complain about losing their team.

I left some time ago and have been trying to get back ever since.

When i do, all the baseball will be gone and I'll be left standing in empty fields where my childhood once played.

Time to hit the shower.

I hope it doesn't make you feel bad. I like to go to places I used to play as a kid and look around. Places I'm used to.
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