Sunday, March 09, 2008

15 floors above Portland

Took a weekend getaway with the missus. Portland's an amazing city and she's never been here except for a drive through. Had dinner and a novoperuvian place called Andina. It was very very good and marks the first time I've eaten in a restaurant where the food is arranged like art on the plate and I wasn't using chopsticks.

Then over to Lola's Room at the Crystal Ballroom to see my friend Matt Good perform. Upstairs at the same venue the had a Swing Band show and the kids were dancing thunder on our ceiling. Matt's performance was the best I've seen him. He just let it go with the flow and threw guitar and vocal notes out like darts.

Matt had posted on his blog that he was not feeling well on stage he mentioned the laziness of his dress saying that he usually wears a sport jacket but he "couldn't be bothered". I'm reminded that Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan mentioned that he threw several of his no-hitters when his back was acting up and he felt like shit.

So maybe the ol' "aw fuckit" attitude are what some need to shine.

It's almost 11 on a Sunday morning and my wife is in love with this king sized, thousand pillowed, Marriott Hotel bed so I'm letting her sleep.

Across the street is a 7 story apartment building and this hotel just earned it's 5th star when I saw a naked woman in the hot tub on the patio of her rooftop apt. I was thinking of grabbing my camera which was in reach but that would have been rude of me don't you think? She got out with her back to me like she knew there was a hotel across the street. I watched her put on her robe. Then her man got out.

He had shorts on!

What a chickenshit. I don't think there's a etiquette book anywhere that finds that behavior acceptable. Dude, if she's butt nekkid, YOU gotta be butt nekkid. Yes, I believe I read that somewhere.

I want to go to Portland. Blazers suck anyway.

I'd have taken the picture. Who wears shorts? It was prob chilly... which isn't as attractive when a man is opposed to a woman.

Glad you had fun.

I forgot about SHRINKAGE!!!

He's STILL a chickenshit
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