Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who the fuck do these idiots think they are?

I get a break at work everyday. I take it at the same time everyday. I go to the same place everyday. I sit in a chair in front of a huge window. It's my area of zen. It's where I find my balance.

Well this morning when I went over, there was a pair of fucking tourists sitting at MY place! I wanted to go over and say, "hey buddy, you're in my chair so kindly get the fuck off it and take your bitch with you!"

THEN later in the shift I decided that sushi was in order. I was CRAVING my sushi. But when I walk into the door of my fave place I see some ASSHOLE sitting in MY chair at the bar.


I need to buy me a flame thrower.

holy shit...

ps fart, ass damn
Here's $10.00 towards the cost of said flame flower.
This is why I don't have a special place to sit in any establishment.
I would have used the nearest source of flame to torch anyone who came between me and my sushi... next time... improvise... I hope propane tanks are involved.
Wasabi in the eye and chopstick shivs are just as effective as a flamethrower.
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