Friday, February 08, 2008

My daughter and I had lunch at the Olive Garden in Bellingham and she decided to ask me a bunch of questions. I'll expand on them here.

What is your favorite meal?

I told her that it was more than the food in many cases. It was the overall experience. Here they are in no particular order.

The Chateaubriand at the sidewalk cafe on the main plaza in Oruro, Bolivia.
The Chicken Marsala at Dante and Luigi's in South Philadelphia
The Pork Cutlets with Spring Vegetables at Edelweiss in Miami
The Hot Dogs at Jack Murphy Stadium (Qualcomm now) in San Diego
Breakfast at my mother's house in Tucson
The Lasagna I make
My wife's Torrejas with beets.
A T-Bone steak at Li'l Abners in Tucson
The Clam Chowder at Earl's in Calgary
The Chile Rellenos at La Poblanita in El Paso
The Cheeseburger at Love's in San Clemente
The Saltenas at Ely's in La Paz, Bolivia
The Prime Rib at The Outback Steakhouse anywhere
A box of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies
A pint of Haagen Daze cherry ice cream
A Pop (portion size) Shrimp at Lucky Wishbone in Tucson
The Alan Roll and Unagi at Maguro in Ladner, BC

What would you want as a last meal?

A T-Bone steak.

(Although I hope that I don't know that my last meal IS my last meal)

Dear Zona,
I understand why you have unlinked me, I was to lazy to post. (yes, his name is Rory, and you would like him. He is not a douche.) But I am trying now, so while you don't have to relink me, you should check it out :) There is a picture of me riding a chicken, and it is awesome.
okay baby but you gotta post now. hear?
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