Sunday, January 27, 2008

Online poker and Joni Mitchell

Sunday morning finds me alone in the house. Everybody is at work or church and given the choice between those three, I am right where I want to be. I called in sick again today. It has been a hard winter for some reason. It can't help when sick people with non-refundable tickets file past us all day. I have 350+ hours of sick leave so I might as well use some. I will have 175 hours of "use or lose" annual leave (paid vacation) this year.

I have 80 hours of vacation scheduled for July. That leaves me with 95 hours that I have to use or lose. It's a sweet situation to be in and I never forget it. Of course I have worked for 20 years to reach this point. Now I just have to find a time to take them.

Sabrina has figured out that if she pulls the cushions off the couch and piles them up she can step on them and then climb up onto the couch. She gets that "queen of the mountain" look on her face before she makes us scramble to keep her from going over one end.

i like your blog.
i like it because it is funny and you don't post gratuitous photos of yourself, well i mean it seems the new age has found people hosting events for the photo op, instead of the photos resulting from the event
anyway, i like it, just wanted to tell you that.
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