Friday, January 04, 2008

I watched an excellent documentary on people who committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

"The Bridge" was made in 2004 by people manning video cameras posted on both ends of the bridge and shooting for days on end. I warm you that if you watch it, you will see people jump to their deaths.

The filmmaker interviewed friends and family of suicide victims as well as one man who survived his plunge to the bay below the bridge. It was EXTREMELY well made and presents the subject without offering opinions.

It's not a movie for everybody and if you do want to see it I suggest that you did what I did.

First I looked at the website and read how it came about.

Then I watched the DVD.

Then I watched the "making of" feature on the DVD.

That way I went in at it by getting a feel of the story, then I saw the story, then I saw how the story affected those who made it.

I WILL tell you this no matter what you think of this project and in case you decide not to watch because you wonder how somebody could watch these people jump. The people who made this film received training from suicide prevention personnel who actually work on the bridge. They were trained on signs to look for in people who are going to jump. Things to key on. They all had cell phones with bridge personnel on speed dial and were able to prevent several people from jumping.

I'll leave it at that.

i'm going to rent this! thanks!
Someone else posted about seeing this documentary and said it was very good too. I think it was Krista/Oceanaria but I'm not sure. I hope it's out in the Netherlands, I'd like to see it too.
Krista said it depressed her
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