Thursday, January 31, 2008

I know how this guy feels.

I woke up this morning with the same ailment I've had for a week. Nyquil helps me sleep but gravity moves all my congestion around so I spent some time coughing up hairballs.


Once I get vertical it's not too bad at all. I went downstairs with my iPod to combat the baby noise and got myself a bowl of wheat chex. Sabrina followed me into the living room and received the first spoon of cereal. I told her that was the only one she'd get because grampa is sick. Soon she was back for more. When I told her no, she touched her chest with her hand which is sign language for please. I melted. I got up and got her a small bowl and fed her from that as she ran around playing.

Even the baby women have their way with me.

"Even the baby women have their way with me" oh you are so sweet Zona! xx
Aw, you are such a push over. :)

Pretty adorable, is what it is.
Too cute
sabrina get erything she wants from bahbah

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