Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have created a new genre in my continuing effort to use my iPod as a way to escape to a happy place that seals me off from the unwanted noise of life.

I call it Lilith

Perfect by Doria Roberts
Cherish by Fruit
Living Under June by Jann Arden
Down So Long by Jewel
St Teresa
Ladder by Joan Osborne
The Choice
Ten Cent Wings by Jonatha Brooke
Stay by Lisa Loeb
What Would Happen? by Meredith Brooks
Big Talker by The Murmurs
Carnival by Natalie Merchant
Push and Pull by Nikka Costa
Road To Dead by Paula Cole
We Belong Together by Rickie Lee Jones
Building a Mystery by Sarah Maclachlan
Tuff Kid by Shawn Colvin
My Favorite Mistake by Sheryl Crow
Cornflake Girl
Amber Waves
Pancake by Tori Amos
For My Lover
For You by Tracy Chapman

Ladies, thank you so very very much.

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