Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Collared Shirts for Everybody!

So what's happening this year? What's the theme?


50 suave, debonaire, sophistication.

No more tee shirts.

I refuse to buy them except to use as undershirts. Maybe the odd black to wear with black pants and the sports jacket. I will still save a few of the faves for some occasion like after I play golf and I wanna lose the sweaty golf polo shirt for the cool down drink. That means GOOD (not cheap on sale or logo'd) polo shirts and even dress shirts. I see all these cool colors and patterns of shirts but tell myself, "that aint me". Well it is NOW. That leads us into.....

Say goodbye to blue jeans.

Except for cruising out in the country or attending the rodeo. Gonna start buying dockers and slacks. That rolls into...

No more hooded sweatshirts.

I will keep the hoodies I have for quick jaunts out into the cold gray days but now I'm gonna buy some nice light jackets. I even have some of the prettiest alpaca sweaters that I never use. Time to break'em out.

Better shoes.

I have three pairs. (other than my work shoes) Tennies, or runners if you will, a pair of walking/hiking shoes, and a pair of brown slip-ons (my fave). I buy cheap shoes. I paid more for the slip-ons than the other two combined. Maybe that's why they're so comfy. I need to leave the "on sale for $30-40 last season's model" caca alone now and buy some good shoes from actual SHOE stores.


Aqua Di Giorgio for when I'm out socially.

DIET: (no, I'm not going on a diet. just some general practice)

No more doughnuts, twinkies, or other hand sized pastries.

Do I need to explain?

No more Coca Cola at good restaurants.

"I'll have the prime rib and a coke". See? I'm man enough to admit I have a slight problem. Now, I don't like wine, and the 20ish waiter might think I'm cheap because "I'm good with water thanks". But it's better than him/her thinking I should be at the drive thru window because I'm ordering a coke. They always quit thinking I'm cheap when they see the tip anyway.


NO MORE CREDIT CARDS!! The exception would be for air travel. Of course I have one I use to make hotel and rental car reservations. But no more general purchasing with plastic.

Now the clothing is going to be a "phase in" situation but it will be sooner than later and today I plan on gutting my dresser drawers and closet. I bet I have over 30 tee shirts that will be bagged and tossed in the goodwill bin. I have a large collection of Hard Rock Cafe shirts and I plan on sending those off to be made into a quilt. Oh, and most of the ballcaps will be bagged also. Maybe I'll have a garage sale.

Gonna be a fun year. I'll update this list as I think of more stuff and I'm making a soundtrack disc in the next few weeks so you can get the feel of my year. Give me a little time on that.

Happy New Year!!!
everything sounds awesome, except for the aroma part. perfume on men or women...perfume on ANYTHING gives me headaches. never used to, but i'm ultra-sensitive now.
happy gnut year!
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