Saturday, January 12, 2008


I was deep in thought that I will not reveal. Listening to a set I made up from iTunes that I call 4play.

The hall light went on. Then the tall skinny silhouette appeared and turned on the harsh kitchen light.

"Turn that light off" I startled the boy.

"What are you doing up?"


"Will you give me a ride to work?"


"But it's pouring outside"

So now I'm back. Sitting on the sofa in the dark. A large Tim Horton's hot chocolate by my side. It's a wet, cold, gray morning and I navigated through the road mist listening to another set made for movement that I call "glide".


Wish You Were Here
Rain Forest
Why Can't It Wait Till Morning? by Fourplay
Touch by John Klemmer
Always and Forever
Dream of the Return
Letter From Home by Pat Metheny
Our Love Runs Deep by Richard Smith
Waltz For Isabel by Spyro Gyra


Bali Run
Max-O-Man by Fourplay
Last Train Home
Facing West
See The World
Slip Away by Pat Metheny
Rockin' a Heart Place by Spyro Gyra

Yep that's all jazz. For those of you wanting to get into some jazz but want to ease into a nice groove without goofy "smooth jazz" that you here on the radio, I cannot more strongly recommend Pat Metheny's Letter From Home CD.

And most of those Fourplay tunes are from that group's first, self-titled, release. Fourplay gets it's name from being made up of four jazz legends.

Bob James
Lee Ritnour
Nathan East
Harvey Mason

(Lee Ritnour has since left and been replaced by Larry Carlton)

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