Tuesday, January 01, 2008



This year I turn 50. I will be celebrating it all year. The actual date is July 28th but we're going nostalgic kids. Lots of Zona history.

So 50 years ago today (yeah, it kinda stands me up too) I was in the womb. My parents were celebrating their first holidays as man and wife. We lived in a small house out in the sticks near Tucson, Arizona. There were some horses and cattle on the land and my parents rented the place from a cousin. The house consisted of two stories with the top floor being one room that my parents and my older brother and sister all used as the bedroom.

My dad worked at Broadway Village Bakery as a delivery man. He went to work very early and delivered pastries in Tucson. Sweet rolls and doughnuts and pies to cafes, and drugstores that had lunch counters (which was common back then). He also delivered doughnuts to offices for their workers.

Mom stayed at home and raised the kids. Although she does not remember exactly what they did on New Years on 1958, she was pretty sure that she prepared a meal that consisted of ham. A meal of ham became a tradition in the house on New years.

happy new year Zona! you are still a young guy. Celebrating all year sounds great to me. And it makes for good pictures too.
Happy New Year and an early happy 50 years to you, Zona!
Happy New Year Mister!
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