Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Windows Open

When it's up to me I like my privacy. I'm not a friendly neighbor. I don't want them to see in at me. I don't want them to stick their heads over the fence and chat. I don't want the invite for a cup of coffee.

But I open the window here for strangers to see what I wish them to see. I have a neighborhood created in here and I like looking just as much as I like being looked at. Keira asked if people were voyeurs or exhibitionists and many said voyeurs but we're all very much both equally.

We're curious by nature. People say "once you've seen one, you've seen them all" when in reality once you've seen one, you want to see them all. You find that they are all different. Some are prettier than others. Some are bigger. Some are nicer, scarier, easier, harder.

There are no museums that I know of with only one piece. No restaurants with only one dish. We plow through our choices pointing and waving to others. Seeking approval, acknowledgement, encouragement. Hoping we don't get the negative head nodding and the finger wagging. But we get it all to different degrees and we move beyond it.

We still open the blinds.

We display our shiny things.

We press up against the windows.

We look, hoping not to be caught staring.

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