Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some people need to lose their jobs.

A 10 year-old school girl in Florida was seated in the cafeteria eating her lunch. She had brought some leftover steak from home. She was using a steak knife to cut the meat.

The school has a no tolerance policy for weapons on school grounds so a teacher went up to the little girl, cut the meat for her, and then secured the knife so nobody would accidently be hurt. She then made a note to herself to advise the girl's parents not to send a knife to school with the child.

Sounds reasonable. Right?

The trouble is, that's not what happened.

The school called the Sheriff's Department. A Deputy responded. Since the parents of the child (let me rewrite that) CHILD could not be contacted, the CHILD was ARRESTED. A ten year-old girl cutting her lunch with a knife was ARRESTED for having a WEAPON at school and taken to a juvenile jail.

My wife and I were speechless when we saw this on the news. If I were the father of this little girl, I would calmly walk into the office of the school. I would not say a word. The three or four gentlemen in suits accompanying me would speak for me. That's why they're called LAWYERS.

10 year old, arrested, steak. This panic makes NO sense no matter how many times you slice it.
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