Friday, December 28, 2007

Other than the part where I blacked out, the movie was boring.

We sat down, my wife, my daughters, and I. My younger daughter popped The Simpsons Movie into the DVD. It started out pretty funny and then the part came along where Homer takes Bart fishing with the bug zapper.

I started laughing. I mean REALLY laughing. Laughing like I have explained here in the past. Noise ceases to come from me because I'm coughing and I hear noise echoing like I was in a tube and I see white light.

Only this time there was an added feature. There was my wife shaking me and calling my name. Then there was the part where I opened my eyes to see the scared look on the faces of my daughters and tears rolling down the terrified face of my wife.

I had blacked out and slumped sideways on the sofa. I was only out a couple of seconds but to the woman I have been married to for 25 years, for an instant, her greatest fear had become reality.

I'm sure there's a perfectly good medical explanation to what happened. A momentary shut off of oxygen to the brain and the brain shuts me off so the fool in me calms down and allows the auto pilot, non voluntary muscles in me to breathe.

Probably a very simple explanation.

Try telling that to my wife. I was telling her that I was fine. I was also wiping tears off her cheeks.

So we started the movie again. For me, it was boring. I turned it off before it was finished. I was disappointed. But it DID start out pretty funny.

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