Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I found an album on iTunes and I was happy because it has a song I've been looking for but until had not been able to find. So I was clicking on all the songs and my soul jumped. Oh how I remember those times. Those girls I longed for but my shyness held me back.

The album, America, by the group of the same name. Their debut album.

It was released in 1972.

35 years ago.

I was 14 years old.

Now I hear a lot of music on the radio from that year but you will all find out when you are my age that when you "rediscover" an album like this, from so long ago, it will really mean a lot. It's a spiritual moment that requires quiet time to be enjoyed.


I just heard America's Sister Golden Hair, not sure if it's on the same album but it's a goood song.

Can't wait to look back on all the good albums that came out when i was young, if I look back now nothing really good comes to mind.
It's not on that album. Horse With No Name is though. I never cared much for the song.

Three Roses is the song I looked for for so long
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