Monday, December 10, 2007

Holy shit the year has flown by.

They all seem to.

My youngest turns 17 tomorrow. I can't remember what I got for my 17th birthday but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a cell phone. I took money out of my retirement and paid of a shit-load of debt. The years fly by so I spend the future's money today. My wife's birthday is ten days beyond my son's. Protocol prohibits the publishing of her age. We both used to be so young and now we stare down at grandchildren in bewilderment.

I may never feel old. I just hope it never feels me like it felt my uncle who passed away on Saturday. He's really not an uncle because mom was adopted but what are you gonna do? He was close to 90 and worn down by various maladies. Not the least of those was the fact that he buried two of his children. His only son to Leukemia and a daughter to a murderer's bullets. Lung cancer finally got him to surrender.

I'm doing pretty good though so worry not.

I got my new ring from my jeweler today. It's so shiny. I like them to have some petina to them so I'll be patient while the air and the moisture does it's job. Sterling silver with a nice cabochon of dinosaur fossil. It's blood red which is interesting because most dinosaur fossil you see in jewelry is some tone of brown. My jeweler got it from a friend who mines the stuff in the Moab area of southern Utah.

I wear it on my left ring finger. (I know, I know, I have to get my wedding band resized.) So my left hand has a million year-old dinosaur and a million year-old slice of meteorite. It's my cosmic hand. Of course when I think about it, the turquoise and azurite on my right hand are probably that old but they don't carry the same cache' of a dinosaur and a meteorite.

Perception kids, it's all in the perception. That, and a little presentation.

YOU are cosmic!

I'm sorry for your loss, but I think that since you carry around so much history on just your one hand, you're probably in a pretty objective place about it.
Thanks Jay. He was ready to be on his way. We've been expecting it for the last couple of years
*snaps fingers* Pics of the bling please.
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