Thursday, December 06, 2007


Day off in the "office"

Downstairs is full of toddlers and my grandson is defending the TV with his threat to cry uncontrollably and loudly if I dare attempt to watch the news. So I'm upstairs in a quickly warming up bedroom on a sunny Vancouver day. I need a haircut and will go do that at about noon. The milk on my nightstand is what remains of my 4 Eggo (frozen, heat up in the toaster) waffle breakfast.

If not for the haircut I could sit here for most of the rest of the day or at least until nap time for the little creatures. As you can also see I have on my standard house uniform.

Madonna is playing on my iTunes. The cool songs, not the dance pop tunes. (Live to Tell, Oh Father, Bad Girl, etc)
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I was reading articles about Iran on the BBC website.
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