Friday, December 07, 2007

CD's I bought this year

Hospital Music by Matthew Good
Leaving Argentina by David Becker Tribune
America by America
Crosby/Nash by David Crosby and Graham Nash

Movies I saw

El Atraco 4/5 (Spanish language)
Di Buen Dia al Papa' 3/5 (Spanish Language)
American Visa 3/5 (Spanish Language)
Love In The Time Of Cholera 4/5
No Country For Old Men 5/5
Across The Universe 5/5
The Departed (SUCKED)
Little Miss Sunshine 3/5
Flags Of Our Fathers 1/5
Frida 4/5
The Good Sheppard (sucked)
Eastern Promises 3/5

(fistfulls of popcorn/out of five possible)

Wow, not a lot!
yeah, I know, Most of the movies were on DVD.
i LOVED No Country for Old Men, and i really want to see Across the Universe...

how have you been??
you forgot superbad

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