Sunday, November 25, 2007

A very attractive young woman came up to me at work today. Slender, long blonde hair, dressed very nice. As I attended to her I noticed her perfume. It was very nice and subtle. Whenever a woman has a nice outfit or perfume I tell her. They seem to like it.

"You smell very nice. What do you have on?", I asked.

"Oh, I'm embarrassed to say. It's the Paris Hilton perfume.", she replied.

I told her that I thought the perfume really worked on her and that when people asked she should lie and say she bought it at a small perfume boutique that makes it's own fragrances.

Sorry Paris but it aint like YOU came up with the formula.

I wear Hilary Duff, but I lie and say I got it in the States and I can't remember where from...
And I wear watermelon scented deodorant!

And sometimes a spritz of DKNY :P
I'd be anonymous TOO if I wore Eau de Duff
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