Friday, November 23, 2007

Two things

1) The day after Thanksgiving gives me one of my fave sammiches. Turkey, mayo, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. All cold. Today it's on wheat bread but white is just as good.

2) My father drops by to check in on us. My granddaughter sees him. I know this to be true because there are times when I hold her while sitting on the sofa that she looks at the spot in front of the picture of him and my mom. You know how you can tell when somebody is looking AT something versus merely staring into space? That's the look she has.

Then there are times when I hold her near the picture and she starts giggling and making noises as if he had just made a face to make her laugh.

It makes me happy to know that he gets to see the little ones.

what you said is so comforting, i hope with all my heart that it's true and the fact that you are so certain of it, and the fact that you are generally very down to earth and sometimes cynical too, makes me trust you and oh i really really want to believe this!
happy thanksgiving.
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