Friday, November 02, 2007

A trip back to Douglas is a trip back to the past. There is a strong feeling when I'm there because I've spent so much time there. We were there for seven years and then on to Canada where we will have been living for nine years when all is over.

It makes me wonder if I've made the right decisions. As the father I chose the environment in which my children grew up. I took them out of California at a young age for economic reasons. I took them out of Douglas because of fears I had. I saw young women date scum bags and have kids. I saw young men turn into scum bags for money. So much dope flowing up the interstate and new cars with loud stereos and wide tires. And so few of them went to jail for it. So few pregnant girls married the fathers.

I look at the kids now and wonder if I made the right decisions. Is there a way to go back and see how they would have come out in the small border town versus Calgary and Vancouver?

Now we are getting ready to move again and it's has the potential of being very hairy. They're all coming back and while this is great it means big adjustments. It means a potential battle with work and me hoping that I make the right decisions.

Did I dance on the coals to avoid the volcano only to have it come into the picture anyway?

Only time will tell. It makes me gray.

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