Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My laptop is telling me that it's 6:43AM. When I look at the time of day I often wonder what many of you are doing. Chloe and JaG and Missy are having afternoon snacks or tea. Jay is up and about doing something or other and I wonder what she has on. Some of you are asleep.

I'm sitting on the sofa listening to Crosby and Nash's CD on Itunes. So if you're as weird as me and that's what you guessed I would be doing you were correct. But why was I up so early on a day off you ask? Actually it's late when you consider I get up at 3AM on work days.

There is an open can of Coca Cola on the end table.

I somehow hit some key button on my laptop so now it tells me when something I write is not spelled correctly.

It tells me that my last name is spelled wrong.

Maybe that's the root of my problems.

The house is nice and quiet and I like that. I've even contemplated getting up at 3AM on my days off just to have 4 hours of quiet time all to myself.

But that would be insane.

When I wake up that early my first thought is to reset my alarm for 4:30 and call in sick when it goes off. I want to go back to sleep. But when I sleep in on my days off I seem to think that it throws my sleep pattern off and messes up the first two days of the work week. I'm also not in the best of moods and feel absolutely no beneficial effects of the extra sleep.

Now I need something to eat. Crackers.


Club crackers. Earth Wind and Fire playing.

So we went and saw No Country for Old Men yesterday. I love the Coen Brothers and they made another good movie with a great script.

Lookie there, their name is spelled wrong too. Maybe we're in the same boat.

But anyway the BEST part of the movie, for me, was that the actor who played the sociopathic killer in this one, played the main character in Love In The Time of Cholera which we saw last week. From scoring major tail to a killer with a unique approach to picking locks.

Wait until they come out on DVD and watch one right after the other. It doesn't matter which one first. Should be one hell of a double bill for you. Have a close friend over. Make popcorn. Neck during both films.

I hear one of the showers going upstairs. Time's almost up.

So if you can remember, tell me what you were doing when i was wondering.

Tell me what you were wearing Jay.

I was being sick.

I think that's enough information without being disgustingly disturbing... Unless you like that stuff, then you're weird.

This was a cool post, Z.
I feel ... sneaky reading about what's going on at your house when the rest of the world is still asleep. Should I tiptoe back out?
nope. hang around. I'm always game for good conversating
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