Sunday, November 04, 2007

I pulled up to the drive thru of a Jack in the Box. (fast food burgers) The nuimber three on the menu board is what I always get. It SAYS, "Jumbo Jack with cheese" and comes with fries (chips for you Euros) and a drink.

When the lady asked what I wanted I responded.

I want the number three with NO pickles and NO catsup, a coke, and onion rings instead of fries.

There is a screen where you can see your order typed as you order.

no catsup
no pickles
sub rings

Then the lady asked me if I wanted cheese on the burger.

"Of course", I responded, "it says right there, Jumbo Jack WITH cheese".

She got mad.

"That's the way I do my job sir."

So I pull up to the window and she's apologetic and such and everything's cool again. She explains that many people return after ordering the #3 meal which is the Jumbo Jack with cheese to complain because there's cheese on it. So I tell her that she should give the morons shit and not the guys who are ordering a burger with cheese because they WANT a burger with cheese. They should SUPPORT literate people and scold the ignorant. So I pay for my food and drive back home to eat.

Remember how I told you that there was a screen by the drive up menu?

no catsup
no pickles
sub rings

The screen that confirms what I asked for? There's probably something similar over the grill so the workers know how to prepare the orders. I KNOW it to be so.

There was catsup on my Jumbo Jack.

I always kick myself for not checking my orders at drive thru windows. I'm too considerate to the people waiting behind me. People who probably are going to come back and complain that they got what they ordered but not what they wanted.

Catsup? Ketchup?
stupidity makes me grouchy, but then I try not to scowl because scowling causes wrinkles. and wrinkles scare me
grrr i hate ketchup.
that will teach you not to eat meat
(the vegetarian evangelist said)
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