Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You poor Canadians

I'm home in Tucson where it's nice and warm and sunny and I spent a couple of hours just staring out the front door of my house. You know how nice it is? You know those days when you can't feel the weather? You know, it doesn't feel cold or warm. It doesn't feel at all. That's what late October is like in Tucson. Now go put your jacket on.

Then there's the TV. Canadian TV just SUCKS. Last nite we watched Queer Eye after I caught the rebroadcast of Keith Olbermann. THEN when I got up this morning at 8AM I turned on Bravo and watch Kathy Griffin's two hour comedy set. It was hilarious. No Red Green show, no Corner Gas, no three hours of hockey highlights, no Global. It's just wonderful to be home.

Now a shower and then down to Fourth Avenue and my favorite bookstore to shop for calendars. Antigone Books (google)


Another card??

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