Friday, October 05, 2007

well since I was awakened from my sofa nap by my grand daughter I will tell you a story.

I was at work and a guy told me he was going to Portland, Oregon to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. No no no says I. Canadian holidays aren't celebrated in the U S of A. You have to celebrate the arrival of Columbus. The man famouse for chopping off the arms of the disobedient locals. All the while telling them that it was for the salvation of their own souls because he also brought priests with them so the young boys wouldn't feel left out.

Ah, the beginning of the Spanish conquest of America. Gunpowder, horses, and sexually transmitted diseases all in exchange for tomatoes, tobacco, and coca leaves.

Religious salvation for pagans who ran half naked through the green calm fields of eternal damnation.

You see? says I. Now THAT'S a HOLIDAY!

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