Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Up to the moment with yours truly

Sitting on the bed while another gray wet day appears in Vancouver. These days are the only days where I long for big picture windows and a fireplace and we'll stop right there kids just because.

My son gets on a plane today for Japan. He and the band leave at noon Vancouver time and arrive at noon Tokyo time. They travel 24 hours in eight and a half.

They're hitting the major cities and if you google the johnsons you'll find the exact schedule.

Dad gave him a goodly chunck of change and told him to have a good time. (see grandfatherly advice in Little Miss Sunshine)

Don't know exactly what I'll do today on my first day off. I just know it's going to start with sugary breakfast cereal and continue with sugary soft drinks and bagged party mix. Maybe sushi.

Oh, I bought my bro-in-law's annual Playboy calendar. I have to review that to make sure all the months are spelled correctly. I think I'm gonna have my own calendar made this year. That is, if I get off my lazy ass. Don't go preordering just yet kids.

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