Saturday, October 13, 2007

Taking a poll here

A young lady is out partying, drinking, getting hammered. At 1AM her cell phone rings. It's a male aquaintance in New York. (4AM his time) He tells her he wants her to come to NYC for the weekend. He's bought her a plane ticket. She flies at 6AM.

I say that's a booty call.

She says it isn't.

YOU say?

I say that's a booty call.

Also, I can't decide who's the bigger sleaze in this scenario. Him for buying/demanding, or her for obliging.
I don't think either are sleazes. Just young people living young life.
Booty call.
Booty call!

can he fly me to NYC too?
Me too!!
I say insanity!
I say FUN!
Expensive booty call.
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