Friday, October 19, 2007

Potty talk

I needed a toilet, or TURlet if you're from Brooklyn, so I headed into the washroom, where most toilets, or twahLET if you're from Montreal, happen to be. I was in a major retail store in Bellingham, Washington. So as I'm going in a kid about 20ish is coming out of one of the stalls. Perfect timing thinks I. I go in and close the door. I start to undo my pants when I notice that the kid has urinated with the seat down. You know what that means.

So I go to the other stall. Dry seat. So just as I sit, somebody goes into the other stall, undoes, and sits down.


I don't think it makes any man less of a man if he sits down to pee. I mean hey, It's a nice rest.

I do it almost all the time at home. Of course most of the time it's because I've carried my laptop into the jon, or loo if you're from Liverpool. I'm very courteous that way. I even have a can of air freshener in my bathroom, or water closet if you're from Wales, because I KNOW that sometimes my diet becomes aromatic.

And just to show you that I'm not selfish, I invited my wife, or haurme if you're from Achacachi, to use the air freshener because, as I reminded her that day, she is only human and we all have a variety of aromas

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