Monday, October 22, 2007

All packed for home tomorrow

I fly home to the birthplace of my soul. The cradle of my spirit. A famous author said that you can never go home again and I know that to be true. Oh sure, the building is still there. The physical shelter from the wind and the rain where I grew up and dreampt and longed and laughed and cried but so much is either gone or has changed and so many secrets revealed that stayed hidden during my growing.

There is uneasiness with people. Troubling situations that I cannot fix. Decisions that were made and the consequences. The drifting apart that comes with leaving one family to start and cling to another. I have my own closet skeletons that I deal with so when people think I'm the person they know they get frustrated that the young man they remember is not there like before.

My father is gone and my mother does what she can to keep us above water in her eyes as she is sure that we are at the least drifting far away if not drowning. So the place that was once carefree has grown up like all of us. I fear the day my mother leaves us for two reasons.

One is that my mother will be gone and the other is that the house will pass to others and I will have no home to go back to.

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