Monday, August 06, 2007

"Bolivia is not easy"...

I told my son when he complained that we we're going to take the bus back to La Paz rather than fly. The eight hour ride versus the 40 minute flight.

I lost five pounds.

Didn't play golf because the altitude just kicked my ass.

Saw some really good concerts.

My best friend and I have decided that when I win the lottery we're going to build a 2000 seat arena in the rich section of La Paz. He figures we'd make our money back in two years.

When I went to MY embassy I was told that I could not go in unless I had an appointment or knew somebody there. This despite me having a diplomatic passport.

I was upgraded to first class on the flight from La Paz to Miami (6 hour flight) but gave the seat to my wife because she had a migraine.

I lost my iPod 4 gig nano somewhere in Bolivia.

The wife and kids are already talking about returning in the next couple of years. I figure it will be at least 5 before I return.

Unless somebody dies,

or gets married,

or I win the lottery.

So good to know you had a great time and sooo sorry that I missed you in Vancouver. I was thinking about staying an extra week but it was too expensive and I missed JaB.

Thank you for your postcard too!! It arrived yesterday!
When you speak of Bolivia and your trip to The Island, it reminds me of the Piramide del Sol in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Such a shame
Yay for losing weight?

YAY for concerts and dreams and upgrades and chivalry.

Boo to stupid embassy ppl and losing the ipod.

But 4.5 yays to 2.5 boos means it was a good trip so YAY! once more.

And yes, if you get the chance you can kick my ass for using math like this.
sounds like an amazingly interesting time, glad you're back though - we'll have to plan a blogstock v 2.0, Dan Lilly edition. .... yeah i'm a nerd.
The good and the bad, like always, everywhere.
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