Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hello sports fans. We are here in an area known as El Chapare (chah PAH ray). About a four hour ride from Cochabamaba (Koh cha BOMB bah). Think of the movie Romancing The Stone and you will know what the place looks like. We came in after dark so we have yet to see much of the place. The hotel has free internet so I figured I would give you an update.

We are all fine. My wife got sick after eating a fried guinea pig (no, I am not kidding). We figure that the oil they used was a little old.

Still no luck with any wifi and the pics are on my laptop. There is some REALLY GOOD shots.

Place nice together until I get back.

Cool.. can't wait to see some photos.
...fried guinea pig. RIP Speedy!
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