Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The good news is that's it's all confirmed

We have our iternerary.

We leave on the 10th which is 5 days later than we wanted to.

Vancouver to Los Angeles where we overnight.

Los Angeles to San Salvador, El Salvador for an hour and a half.

San Salvador to Lima, Peru for three hours.

Lima to La Paz, arriving just after midnight.

Cheap tickets = this process, but we all get there for a third of the price.

Los Angeles isn't bad. A car rental and we zip up to the always interesting Venice. San Salvador over night would have been very interesting but with all that luggage? The luggage IS a worry with that routing. Fingers crossed.

Jeepers creepers that's quite a trek, but I have faith that you and your luggage will get there at the same time, and so should you.

I'm sorry about the routing myself. JM said due to the HECTIC week of holiday travel it was the only way. Remeber when I asked about being "flexable" due to the 4th you said no problem. I'm glad your punching out of this taco-stand for a few weeks none the less. Looking foward to seeing your adventure unfold.
I have decided that you need a facebook acct.
that way you can see my pictures and I don't have to open a flicker acct.
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