Tuesday, June 12, 2007

People want their money back

The Sopranos ended and people are pissed off. They think they got pissed on. I watched the premiere in a hotel room way back when and followed it seriously because the creator said it was only going to last four years. Then HBO threw lots of money at him. We've been here before kids.

But the reaction of many to the ending of the series takes me to a scene from Amadeus. Mozart is bummed because his first major opera is yanked after only a few performances. Salieri remarks to Mozart that he is overestimating the Vienese audience.

"You didn't even give them a loud bang at the end so they would know it was over."

Now I'm not comparing Chase to Mozart. I thought the series took a nose dive when it went from 4 years to 6. I just laugh at anybody crying foul. If I ended this blog today or you ended yours, our lives would go on. Happily ever after or not. We all just move along.

Now everybody in TV land moves on as producers look for something to fill in the slot as the crowd boos and throws popcorn and candy wrappers. I walked out of the theatre some time ago.

I've got better stuff to do.

Maybe Chase should have ended the series with the appearance of Christ and the judgement of Tony.

Or maybe a scene at the bada bing with all the strippers from all the seasons dancing and waving to me sitting at a nearby table. Then cut to a scene in a small house in Pakistan where Bin Laden and his right hand man are recording their newest video. The guy holding the AK-47 behind them pulls of his head covering and......IT'S PAULY WALNUTS!! "Time's up cocksuckers", he yells just before emptying the 60 round magazine into the two very surprised gentlemen.

Maybe that would have made everybody happy.

You know what made me happy? My camera arrived today!!!! I'm charging the battery right now!!!
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