Friday, June 15, 2007



My daughter's grad ceremony was tonight.

I love you baby

UPDATE: after some hours of sleep

So we gathered for the ceremony at a local church. It was the only venue around that would hold everybody. The kids went and got their caps and gowns and returned to the courtyard for the obligatory photos. I called my mom on the cell and let her talk to the grad. We waited around in the beautiful early evening until it was finally time to go inside.

Up we went to the balcony for what has become our family tradition. While the first speakers blah blah blahed we inflated our 5 beach balls. Five different colors. Then the kids were marched across the stage one by one to varying levels of applause. When my daughter received the diploma holder, (more on that later) we stood and cheered while batting out beach balls down upon the students seated below.

When we did this in Calgary for my oldest daughter the teachers/ushers/nazis pounced on them quickly. Only one escaped for about 5 seconds to be batted about by the students.

No teachers/ushers moved to gather last night's beach balls and they were batted around at various times throughout the ceremony.

After it was all over I asked my daughter, "did you see the beach balls?"

She said, "no, I was SOOOO nervous I didn't see anything until I got back to my seat and a couple of them were batted around".


The students did not receive their diplomas because most still have tests to take so they haven't officially graduated yet. The same thing with my other daughter. They're SO lame up here in Canada.

Awesome. Congrats to her.
Yeah we're lame. At my grad, they didn't give us diplomas but each person carried a rose, since we hadn't even started our exams yet. But I digress. CONGRATS TO YOUR GIRLY!
And your daughter is very pretty.
Congrats to Ilsen.
Damn calgary public school board nazis... they made learning FUN! (insert deresive snorting here)
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