Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm so f'ing tired.

My mom's fave macaroni salad (via the missus) is chilling and I'm finding it ever harder not to just go to bed. Big wig at work was late after we got all dressed up. Of course not. None of us stuck around.

Which one of you wants to give me a back rub until I fall asleep?

My macbook still gets online even though the wireless router is disconnected. Which neighbor should I thank?

Bolivia next month
Toronto Septemberish (watch for the Matt Good tour dates)
Europe next spring or summer
Move back to the States next fall

All those make time seem so compacted. Makes me feel like the illegitimate son of the energizer bunny and the rabbit form Alice in Wonderland on speed and chain smoked filterless pall malls.

I'm SO F'ING tired.


Who will hand me a tissue?

Posted to Paula Cole's "Nietzsche's Eyes" and "Road to Dead"

Haven't heard'em? Why the F not?

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