Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I leave for Bolivia on July 5th

I was at the mall with my son the other day and we bought him some shorts and some shoes. I tried to pay with my debt card but their machine was messing up so after three tries I went to the ATM and got the $105.00 in cash.

Two days later my wife is on the phone with the bank to match up figures. She learns that three charges of $105 from the store cleared the day after we had been there.

One pair of shorts and one pair of shoes for the price of FOUR! WHAT A DEAL!!!

I called the store.

They want a fax of the records.

I call the bank.

They fax the statement.

It's being worked on now.


How annoying!
Eww these things make me want to be rid of cards for good.
Oh man. After several nightmares like this I *always* ask for my debit/credit receipts and let them pile up for at least a month until throwing them out.

Last time something like that happened my sister, mother and I were in Victoria and the hotel - instead of splitting the room cost and charging us each 1/3 - charged us all the full amount so they got 3x the money 'by mistake'.
Totally uncool.
At least your wife noticed though - it makes me mad that otherwise they'd just get away with it.
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