Saturday, June 23, 2007


Exercise program

My daughter wanted to buy a pool for her nephew so he could have some summer fun. So on her first payday she was shopping and found an unbelievable bargain. A $200 pool for $40. So she bought it and brought it home. I worry too much so I saw the thing as being a little too big for a two year-old. My daughter inflated the pool using a pump we had recently purchased and filled it with water. Conroy went in a time or two and had a bit of a fear of the thing. For one it was so big for him and this is his first pool experience. The other thing which I believe was a factor in him not wanting to go in is that it has not been warm enough here to actually heat the water above the "it's really cold" temperature.

On thing we never considered is that a pool that size is a miniature backyard lake. That means that eventually debris is going to gather at the bottom and algae is going to begin to grow because there is no filter involved and who knows how much chlorine to use and all that pool maintenance stuff and on and on.

So Conroy has not been in the thing in a long time because now the water is dirty. There is an upside of sorts. I have a lot of water I can now use to water the lawn in our local Vancouver days of water restriction AND as an added bonus, or danger. I have a new exercise routine.

I poured the golf balls out of that white bucket you see and have begun the task of emptying my backyard reservoir. I figure about 20 trips a day will keep my lawn green and the weeds growing. If I don't herniate my back or something else I can herniate I figure it can only be a good thing

Just yesterday JaB said to me that the first thing we should buy ourselves when we get a house with a yard is a pool just like this one.
Oh, and thank you so much for the Flickr account! I'm loving it!
you're welcome. I knew you'ld post a lot of photos
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