Monday, June 04, 2007

Check it, bilingual baby, bilingual.

Falta poco mas que un mes para mi viaje a Bolivia. La tierra natal de mi esposa y la almoada de my alma. Voy en el proceso de comprar regalos para la familia. Especialmente mis sobrinas. Mi esposa estaba alla hace poco mas que un mes y tiene las lista. Mochillas, DVD's, y unas cositas para las chiquitas que som tres, y MP3 player y DVD y Tenis Converse para la de 20 anyos.

Una de las sobrinitas comento' a mi mujer que una de sus amigas viajo' a Alemania y trajo' una mochila "esclusiva" y lo mostraba a todas, comos decimos en Espanyol, "oliendo mierda y pisando huevos".

Me preocupo en comprar los regalos porque no quiero fallar sus esperanzas. Siempre quiero ser "el tio heroe" cuando llego a Bolivia. Tengo el mal habito de esperar perfeccion en cosas asi aun que se' que estaran requete de felices recibir tesoros de gringolandia.

Tambien estare' en Bolivia el dia de mis cumpleanyos y voy a hacer una fiesta com torta y mas regalos para mis sobrinas. De esto me voy a divertir mucho. Hay que estar al tatnto con mis fotos Flickr.

There is only a month left to go before my Trip to Bolivia. The land of my wife's birth and the pillow for my soul. I am in the process of buying gifts for the family. Especially my nieces. My wife was there about a month ago and has a wish list. Back packs, DVD's and a few little things for my younger nieces and a MP3 player, DVD's and Converse tennis shoes for the 20 year-old.

One of the younger nieces told me how a friend travelled to Germany and brought back an "exclusive German" back pack and paraded around like we say in Spanish, "smelling shit and stepping on eggs".

I worry about buying presents because I don't want to fail their hopes. I always want to be Uncle Hero when I get to Bolivia. I have the bad habit of expecting perfection in things like that even though I know they'll be overjoyed to receive treasures from gringoland.

I'm going to be in Bolivia on my birthday and I'm going to have a party with more gifts for my nieces. That's going to be a lot of fun. Just keep checking those Flickr photos.

I'm sure they'll like whatever you get them. Have a great trip man.
they like the fact that it is you who brings the presents. it's lovely to be Uncle Hero, for you and for them.
You are going to have a great time and although it is YOUR birthday, i expect a postcard from Bolivia, please please. xx
Don't forget the postcards!
I almost understood everything! YAY ME!
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