Monday, June 25, 2007

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The lead singer of the Tokens has died. No matter how young you are I'm sure you are familiar with the 1961 smash hit, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". He died of lung cancer in his Manhattan apartment.

Recently the man worked for a nonprofit group that helped songwriters get royalties from their work.

I hope he helped the family of the African man who wrote "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

He never received a penny for writing the song that made millions.

He died some years ago from a curable kidney ailment.

The key word is curable.

It's curable if you have the money.

The man who wrote a smash hit known around the world, died penniless, from something that a fraction of the money he was rightly due would have easily cured.

That's my twice monthly political thought of the week.

I sing that song at least once a week since one of my cats is called Lion.
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