Wednesday, May 30, 2007

When I was a young lad in high school my bed was right by the window. On the other side was the patio and birds that sang me awake. I would lie there for a moment or two before reaching over for the radio and turning on KWFM. I'd lie there listening to music for a bit before getting ready for school.

This morning I woke up to the sound of my high school aged son in shower. I lay here for a moment and then reached over for my lap top and turned on the internet. I turned on iTunes and am listening to and Argentine musician named Charly Garcia. I glanced at the BBC (my home page) then to Flickr (where my photos are). Read a message from Duane that he had used several of my Matthew Good shots for his blog post. (Cool) I clicked on the link to his blog and read the post. Then to Matthew Good's site. Nothing new. Then finally here to my blog where I read comments from Jay and Duane.

Where as a young man I moved from my room to the bathroom to the kitchen and out the door for the 5 block walk to my high school, as an old man without moving from bed I've read the news in London, and looked at pictures from a guys in Los Angeles and Paris.

Now I get to see what friends I have not met have to say (if anything new) in London, Edinburgh, Rotterdam, Athens, and Toronto, as well as friends I have met in Vancouver, Calgary, and Los Angeles. All right here from bed.

And outside my window birds are singing.

Life is really quite amazing...
isn't it amazing. i have totally forgotten what life was like before the internet. it's not that it sucked, no, it was fun. But now it is more adventurous.
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