Monday, May 14, 2007

Tony Pierce says a major character was whacked in The Sopranos last night. Three years ago I would have gone nuts hearing that without seeing the episode. But not now. The Sopranos lost my interest two years ago. I saw the premier of the series in a hotel room in Philly. At least I think it was Philly. I used to travel a lot in those days. Now I never travel for Uncle Sugar. And I don't care what happens on The Sopranos.

The series was only supposed to last four years. The first two years were jammed full of fuck and violence and tits. I was in Calgary then. My mother would tape the episodes for me because she had a free cable box and got HBO. Timid Canada would not see The Sopranos until season three was about to start. I would watch the tape and then take it to work where I was the most popular dude. Four years turned into six because the creator who said only four accepted the buckets of money HBO threw at him. He also toned down the tits and the fuck because HBO was nervous about the Christian moralists who monitored the show "for the good of the sinners".

There are now a shitload of cable TV series that owe The Sopranos everything. And The Sopranos is boring because some guy decided enough money was more money.

If you saw the show last night tell me who got whacked but don't get mad if I just shrug.


I know who it was. I won't say for the benefit of anybody who cares but hasn't seen the episode.

I shrugged.

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