Friday, May 25, 2007


Seven months til Christmas
One month and a day til my anniversary (25)
Two months and three days til my birthday (49)
Forty days til the big trip to Bolivia
Nine days til my oldest child's birthday (24)
Two days til Mother's Day in Bolivia
Thirty years ago today Star Wars premiered (I saw it the second night)

Today in...

904: Mustard was invented in France
1961: President Kennedy announced his plan to put a man on the moon
1944: Frank Oz (Miss Piggy) was born
734: Bede died

Today is the original date for Memorial/Decoration Day in the U.S.

Today is International Towel Day.

Hi Baby, just checked your profile...I'm hoping to be a slumlord too. Thank God mustard was invented today in history, I couldn't live without it.
International Towel Day? I'm going to really appreciate my shower then.
Wow, happy towel day! Time to put mine in the wash...

25 years of marriage... are you doing anything special on your anniversary?
Thanks for sponsoring me, dear! <3
I love mustard.
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